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Texans put one thing before everything else: taking care of our loved ones and community. No matter our faith, our gender, the language we speak, who we love, or where we were born, Texans of all stripes believe that our loved ones come first. That means ensuring everyone has the economic opportunity to start and provide for a family, our children have good, safe schools, our parents can retire with dignity, everyone can afford treatment when members of their family get sick, and we preserve our planet for our grandchildren and future generations. If you share these values, we need your help to send Sri to Congress, so he can fight for all our families.

Top Issues

Jobs and Economic Opportunity

Growth and prosperity require an economy that supports innovation and entrepreneurship. We must have a tax and regulatory environment that rewards entrepreneurs and prioritizes small businesses.


The United States is in a health care crisis. Americans now pay twice as much as any other developed nation for their health care, but for the first time in a century, life expectancy has declined for 3 straight years.

Money in Politics

Middle class families’ voices are being left out of the political process. Powerful special interest groups with unlimited amounts of money undermine our democracy. Texans are tired of the partisan dysfunction and the corrupting influence of money in politics.

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