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Protecting our Families

Texans put one thing before everything else: taking care of our families. No matter our faith, our gender, the language we speak, who we love, or where we were born, Texans of all stripes believe that our families come first. That means ensuring everyone has the economic opportunity to start and provide for a family, our children have good, safe schools, our parents can retire with dignity, everyone can afford treatment when members of their family get sick, and we preserve our planet for our grandchildren and future generations. If you share these values, we need your help to send Sri to Congress, so he can fight for all our families.

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Top Issues


The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many communities—and TX-22 is no exception. We need to put the politics aside and address this pandemic with science, not ideology. We need to increase access to rapid testing so we can reopen our economy safely and ensure our frontline workers have access to the PPE they need.

Health care

650,000 Texans have lost their healthcare in 2020, and my opponent supports taking away healthcare from millions more who have preexisting conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and coronavirus. I will fight to protect the ACA, make affordable health care more accessible, reduce prescription drug prices, and expand access without making people give up their private insurance. 

Getting our economy running again

One in six small businesses have failed in 2020. We need targeted relief for the hardest hit sectors, loan forgiveness without red tape for business owners, and start up tax credits so that our entrepreneurs can scale up quickly again. We must also make long-needed investments in infrastructure to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for Texans facing job losses this year.


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