Meet Sri

Sri is a lifelong public servant and national security expert who has spent his career overseas working to protect Americans here at home. From Jerusalem to Iraq to Russia, Sri served in some of the toughest places in the world, representing the interests of the United States and reducing conflict around the globe. In Congress, Sri will use his experience to seek common ground, find solutions, and address the needs of every Texan.

Sri was raised in a middle-class family by an immigrant father and a mother whose roots date back to the Texas Revolution. Growing up in Houston, Sri personally experienced the same challenges that our communities are facing today: flooding, gun violence, a broken criminal justice system, and unequal access to education, which forced him to take a bus across town every day to attend a better public school.

For Sri, the most personal issue is the importance of affordable, quality healthcare. When Sri was 18, his father was diagnosed with leukemia, and Sri dropped out of the University of Texas to come home to care for him. After Sri’s father passed away, medical bills left their family on the verge of bankruptcy, and Sri helped raise his three younger siblings. Working several jobs, he graduated with honors from UT.

Sri later received a Pearson Fellowship to serve as a defense, foreign policy, and veterans’ affairs advisor in the U.S. Senate, working on some of the most critical threats facing our national security. Sri went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard, where he started an initiative called “Breaking Bread,” aimed at reducing the partisan hostility and divisiveness afflicting our country.

Inspired by a calling to serve his country, Sri was commissioned as a United States Foreign Service Officer by Secretary of State Colin Powell. In the Foreign Service, Sri served tours overseas in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica, promoting American values, such as women’s rights, a free press, and religious tolerance. He speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. If elected, he will become the first person of Hindu faith and first Asian American Member of Congress from Texas.

Why I’m Running

I served our nation overseas for more than 14 years, fighting to protect our national security and reduce conflict around the globe. But after watching the breakdown of civility in America following the 2016 election, including the horrific events at the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, I recognized that the greatest danger to our country was not a foreign power, but the hyperpartisan tension right here at home, which is preventing us from dealing with our most serious issues.

That is why I resigned from the Foreign Service and came home to serve. We Texans know that we can face the biggest challenges because there is more that unites us than divides us. I will sit down with anyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, if they are willing to put partisanship to the side and work on addressing our problems together.

In 2018, we came within 14,000 votes of flipping this district – closing a 30 point gap and surprising the pundits to put this race on the map for the first time. Our campaign was the first to be run in 15 different languages, reflecting the diversity and strength of this community.

Pete Olson has been in Washington for more than a decade, but has done nothing but contribute to this hyperpartisanship, putting his party before his country time and time again. Together, I know we can win this race and restore reason, compassion, and decency to Congress.