Hey Troy Nehls, Texas Voters Deserve a

Troy Nehls has made it clear that he doesn’t want to answer our community’s questions about his record. As we face a public health and economic crisis, our voters deserve to know where Troy Nehls stands on the most important issues in this campaign. Why was he fired from his job as a police officer? Why did he downplay the coronavirus? Why has he remained silent while his fellow Texas Republicans attempt to take health care away from millions of Texans?

Since Troy Nehls refuses to debate, we’ve taken it on ourselves to inform the public on where he stands on the issues. Below you can find a preview of what a debate would look like (if Nehls ever comes out of hiding).

In this pandemic, we've seen how important it is that everyone has access to affordable health care. I will push for expanded coverage for our nation’s poor, disabled, and elderly. I will also protect coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, such as COVID-19.
I’m supported by Texas Republicans who are trying to kill the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic—an act that would tear health insurance from millions of Texans. I don't mind if the 400,000 Texans in our district lose coverage due to pre-existing conditions.
When confronting this virus, we need to put politics aside and listen to science. We need to distribute more PPE to frontline and essential workers. We need to increase testing and get small businesses access to capital and loans they need so we can reopen the economy safely.

Mask orders are unnecessary, unconstitutional, and unAmerican. We saw the worst of this pandemic in April.*

*Fact check: False!
A native Texan, I’m a national security expert who served our nation overseas for 14 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, where I was stationed in war zones and some of the world’s most dangerous places, working to reduce conflict and promote American values. I’ve spent my career bringing people on opposite sides of conflict together to deliver results that actually help communities. This is what I will bring to Congress. We need leaders who have experience bringing people together and, when faced with a crisis, will put Texans before politics.
I was fired, not once, but twice as a police officer for a laundry list of reasons, including destruction of evidence, false arrests, and being absent on the job. I brought my record of failure to the sheriff's office. I've entirely neglected the issue of human trafficking (yet blamed victims for being trafficked) and failed to keep COVID-19 out of our jail.

Want Troy Nehls to Debate?

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