The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many communities—and TX-22 is no exception. This is a scary and uncertain time for our community. We need our leaders to step up and protect us—from this virus and the resulting economic downturn. 

Our campaign takes COVID-19 very seriously. We remain committed to social distancing and wearing masks. Beating this virus takes sacrifice, selflessness and responsibility, but I know we can do it. 

We wanted to share with you what we know about COVID-19 and what I think needs to be done. 

What We Know about Beating COVID-19 

  • Masks work. Studies estimate that masks can save up to 70,000 lives. Wear a mask or facial covering when you’re going out and stay 6 feet away from others. 
  • We can all help protect our communities by staying home as much as possible, washing our hands often (and for at least 20 seconds!), and contacting health care providers immediately if you have symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

What Our Community Needs:

  • Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation—more than 650k Texans have lost their insurance during COVID-19. We need to protect the Affordable Care Act and expand healthcare programs like medicaid and medicare. No one should forego medical treatment due to the fear of financial ruin.
  • Rapid testing must be free and readily accessible to all Texans. Workers need results in hours, not days or weeks, so we can get back to work safely.

  • Job-generating small businesses are struggling because of the pandemic. We need to give them access to capital and loans, and a start-up tax credit to help small businesses scale up quickly. By supporting small businesses, we can infuse resources into our local communities and help everyone prosper. 

  • This pandemic is affecting low-income communities of color especially hard. Our state and federal governments need to sustain stimulus relief programs and unemployment insurance. Families are suffering now, which means we need to provide them with relief quickly. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, will be vital to controlling this pandemic. We need to guarantee our frontline workers—such as doctors and nurses—have the protection they need by funding the production and distribution of PPE.

  • When a vaccine arrives, it must be available for all, not just those who can afford it. Our government should work to make sure at-risk communities and frontline workers receive the vaccine as soon as possible.
  • Information about the pandemic should not be limited by language barriers. We need to invest in multilingual literature about COVID-19, its symptoms, and how to remain safe.

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