Health Care

“When my father was diagnosed with Leukemia, the medical bills nearly bankrupted our family. No one should face financial ruin just because a family member falls sick.”

In the midst of a pandemic, the United States is also in a health care crisis. Americans now pay twice as much as any other developed nation for their health care, but for the first time in a century, life expectancy has declined for 3 straight years. Two thirds of all bankruptcies are caused by medical costs. Before arguing about specific health care proposals, we must all agree on the two basic problems: the cost of health care in America is too high and tens of millions of people still don’t have access.

In Congress, I will: 

  • Oppose any effort to dismantle, privatize, or undermine Medicaid or Medicare. Texas Republicans refused the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. The disparate impact of the pandemic on certain communities highlights how important it is that everyone—not just the wealthy few—have access to health care. I will push for expanded coverage for our nation’s poor, disabled, and elderly.
  • Stand up against special interests who put profits over people. I will advocate for negotiated prescription drug prices to bring down costs of needed medications.
  • Protect coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, such as COVID-19.
  • Fight for a public healthcare option available to anyone who wants it, while allowing people the option to keep their private insurance.

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