Criminal Justice Reform

“Growing up, I was frequently exposed to the injustices of the criminal justice system. When I was mugged, police officers tried to pressure me into accusing the wrong person—because they needed more evidence to lock him up for other charges. We must have greater accountability in law enforcement to make our communities safer.” 

Our criminal justice system has failed our communities—specifically our communities of color. 

In Congress, I will: 

  • Fight to end the war on drugs and reduce sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders. We must treat drug addiction like the medical issue it is, not a criminal justice issue.
  • Support the rehabilitation and reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals, by supporting job training and prison education programs.
  • Prioritize ending human and sex trafficking here in TX-22.
  • Fight for greater accountability in county jails and respect for the human rights of incarcerated individuals.
  • Work to end the government’s practice of contracting with for-profit detention centers.
  • End discriminatory cash bail programs that disproportionately hurt communities of color

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