“My father was a professor. He taught me that there is no gift better than an education.”

People live in this community because of the quality education we have. A thriving education system is essential for a competitive economy. I had to bus across town to go to a better public school. Every child should have equal opportunity and access to education, regardless of ZIP code, their race, gender or what language they speak at home.

Relying on virtual learning is a burden on so many families, but we can’t send our children back to school unless we can promise them a safe environment to learn. We should be relying on expert health opinions to make these decisions, not political ideologies. 

In Congress, I will: 

  • Push for investments in community colleges, such as the Houston Community College Southwest, to increase accessibility and quality. 
  • Advocate for increased investment in historically black colleges and universities
  • Expand and invest in vocational training programs, such as TX-22’s own Living Word Pharmacy Technician school and the Texas School of Continuing Education. 
  • Support student debt relief plans such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Sri’s Covid-19 Education Plan

  • Increased PPE and testing for public schools across the country, so our nation’s public educators can stay safe.
  • Push for greater funding for digital learning services to make online learning a possibility for immunocompromised families.

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