Flooding Platform

“My family lost our car, almost lost our lives, and had to sleep on a stranger’s floor when we were stranded by flooding. We need to start acting proactively to prevent these tragedies.”

Our community is no stranger to severe weather and flooding. And as climate change makes natural disasters—such as Hurricane Harvey—more frequent and serious, we must protect our community by strengthening infrastructure, expanding relief policies, and implementing smarter detection tools. 

In Congress, I will: 

  • Strengthen the 20 levees in Fort Bend, and identify new areas that require drainage infrastructure. Hurricane Harvey flooded at least 900 levee-protected homes in Fort Bend—we need stronger protection for our communities.
  • Expedite the distribution of Harvey relief funding and streamlining the relief funding process
  • Invest in larger storm sewers and pumps in the Katy area, specifically around the Brazos river 
  • Coordinate with local governments to ensure proper implementation of flood mitigation projects, such as Katy’s Patna Drive drainage improvement project and the Pitts Road Detention Pond
  • Revise the floodplain maps
  • Devise and installing a system for coastal surge protection
  • Incentivize public-private partnerships for flood mitigation projects
  • Expand affordable, quality flood insurance plans; streamline the flood insurance application process 

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