Fixing our Immigration System Responsibly

“My father, the most hardworking and spirited man I’ve ever known, came to this country in 1969 looking for a better life.” 

Nearly a quarter of our community here in TX-22 are immigrants—a fact we should all be proud of. Immigrants bring so much to this country—talent, new ideas, and diversity.

But our immigration system is broken. We need sensible, responsible reform that strengthens our borders without ignoring human dignity. In Congress, I will work with all of my colleagues—regardless of political affiliation—to craft immigration policy reform that addresses our broken system.

In Congress, I will: 

  • Fight for common-sense immigration reform. I will ensure our immigration agencies have the resources and oversight they need to protect our borders, while ensuring those who come in contact with the system are treated with respect and decency.
  • Secure our existing ports of entry, specifically at shipping ports and the borders. Given the impact both drug and human trafficking have had on our community, we must funnel resources to our borders so surveillance and monitoring can be conducted.
  • Protect DACA and push for a clean DREAM act. DACA recipients are Americans—they are frontline workers, community leaders, and parents.
  • Protect families that immigrated to the United States and end the heinous practice of family separation at the southern border.
  • Restore funding for immigration courts so we can clear the backlog of pending cases and ensure our immigration and asylum system work the way they are meant to.
  • Protect visas for high-skilled workers, like H-1B visas. Immigrants who are granted H-1B visas are highly-skilled workers who come to America to become professors, scientists, and engineers. They contribute greatly to our communities and to our economy.

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