Police Accountability

“It’s clear that our system needs reform. We need to take steps to restore trust between our members of law enforcement and all communities.”

The African American community has made it clear that they are in pain, and we need to listen to them.

While we respect the many hard working members of law enforcement fighting to keep their communities safer, our policing system is broken for many people and ignoring our problems will only continue to cause suffering and division in our community.

We need to reform our policing system to ensure that everyone in our community feels safe. The solution isn’t to defund the police or demonize hard working members of law enforcement, but to enact common sense reforms that will restore trust in our law enforcement and ensure justice.

The goal of any of these initiatives needs to be focused on restoring trust and improving our citizens’ lives. Police need to know the communities they serve, and the communities need to be able to trust those protecting and serving them. That makes everyone safer.

In Congress, I will: 

  • Push to ban chokeholds
  • Expand the use of dashboard and body cameras
  • Create a national registry for misconduct by law enforcement officers.Right now, there’s currently very little data available to other police departments about misconduct among officers, making it difficult to identify past offenders and ensure that they don’t receive jobs in new departments.
  • Demand racial bias and de-escalation training
  • Fight to end qualified immunity, a policy that protects police officers that have committed acts of injustice from being prosecuted. No one in our country should ever be above the law, regardless of holding a badge or title. We must make it easier for plaintiffs to recover damages against police officers that violate their rights.

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