Resisting Nationalism and Fascism

“My path to Congress started while I was serving overseas, when I saw rising bigotry and division at home, exemplified by the Muslim Ban, the Charlottesville Nazi rallies, and Roy Moore’s campaign. I came home to stand up for the America that my parents raised me to believe in. A country that rejects sexism, racism, Islamophobia, Hinduphobia, anti-Semitism or any kind of prejudice, and where anyone can worship and live in peace, regardless of gender, race, or creed.”

Sectarian nationalism has no place in a pluralistic democracy.  No one should ever face discrimination based on religion, race, or gender. Naturalized citizens should never face bigotry based on country of origin, and all citizens should have an equal right to participate in democracy, especially our elections.

At the same time, no foreign governments or organizations should be allowed to interfere with U.S. elections. This campaign has the support of many immigrant communities, including Indian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and Pakistani-Americans, but it does not accept support from any foreign entities, nor is it connected to or influenced by any foreign organizations, such as RSS, CCP, or their affiliates. This campaign is based on American principles and values, including that all people are created equal with inalienable rights, we support human rights for all people anywhere in the world, and we oppose all terrorism, both foreign and domestic.

Our goal is to build the most inclusive grassroots campaign in the country. We are proud to have had more Hindu, Muslim, and AAPI volunteers than any other Congressional campaign in Texas history. We will continue to engage and encourage all communities to become more involved in our elections, so that everyone has a voice in our democracy.

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