August 3, 2020

For Immediate Release

Communications Director: Jack Doyle

Kulkarni Continues to Put Latino Outreach Front and Center

It’s been 47 days since Fired Cop Troy Nehls has made a public appearance

Sugar Land, TX — Today the Kulkarni campaign will host its fourth “Latinos con Sri” cafecito. These weekly virtual events provide the campaign’s Latino organizers and volunteers an opportunity to come together over coffee (“cafecito”), share stories and exchange ideas on how they’re mobilizing and engaging the Latino community to support Sri Kulkarni for Congress. 

The Cafecitos are just the latest example of how the Kulkarni campaign is continuing to not just engage voters, but create political infrastructure and a network for the Latino community that can be used for better representation well beyond this November. 

The Kulkarni campaign’s emphasis on Latino outreach reflects one of the organization’s core values: running the most diverse and inclusive grassroots operation in the nation. From hosting phone banks in a record-breaking 27 languages to developing a virtual organizing training program for the community, the campaign is a blueprint for the future of Texas politics—a future that invites all communities to the table.  


Sri Preston Kulkarni is the son of an Indian immigrant father and a mother whose family descends from Sam Houston. Kulkarni is a former Foreign Service Officer who served fourteen years overseas in places like Iraq, Russia, and Jerusalem, and as a former Defense, Foreign Policy and Veteran Affairs Advisor to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) before deciding to leave the foreign service and return home to run for Congress in 2018.

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