October 19, 2020

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Communications Director: Jack Doyle

New TX-22 Poll Shows Kulkarni Leading Nehls

With Greater Houston voting in historic numbers and Nehls swamped on the airwaves, new polling shows Kulkarni pulling away as Texans respond to his message

Sugar Land — With Election Day fast approaching and Greater Houston already voting in historic numbers, Democratic candidate for Texas’s 22nd Congressional District Sri Preston Kulkarni released a new internal poll today showing Kulkarni leading Troy Nehls outside of the margin of error. Additionally, the polling memo reveals Kulkarni’s lead has steadily grown since the summer as Texans have continued to learn about Nehls’ record of incompetence, neglect, and mismanagement in his law enforcement career.

The takeaway from this poll is simple: as voters learn more about both candidates in a race that is seeing a barrage of advertising, they prefer Kulkarni. While Kulkarni is emphasizing his record of service and belief in doctors and experts, Nehls’ underfunded campaign has been forced to face tough questions about his concerning record of repeated misconduct. Today, Kulkarni holds a 16-point advantage with independent voters and a 9-point advantage with voters that recall seeing something about him. 

With Kulkarni’s dramatic fundraising advantage, he is set to significantly out-communicate Nehls in the final stretch and is well-positioned to flip this seat in November.

Key Findings from leading Democratic polling firm GBAO: (Full memo here)

  • After a barrage of advertising from both sides, Sri Preston Kulkarni has grown his lead to 5 points (48% – 43%). Kulkarni’s share of the vote grew from 43% in early August to 48% today, while Nehls’ vote share has declined from 46% to 43%.
  • Kulkarni leads by 16 points with independents and by 9 points with voters that recall seeing, hearing, or reading something about him over the past few weeks. In contrast, Nehls is at a 7-point deficit with voters who can say the same about him. 
  • Joe Biden is running strong in the Presidential race. In this highly educated and racially diverse suburban district, Biden leads Trump 52% – 43%.Joe Biden is running strong in the Presidential race. In this highly educated and racially diverse suburban district, Biden leads Trump 52% – 43%.



Sri Preston Kulkarni is the son of an Indian immigrant father and a mother whose family descends from Sam Houston. Kulkarni is a former Foreign Service Officer who served fourteen years overseas in places like Iraq, Russia, and Jerusalem, and as a former Defense, Foreign Policy and Veteran Affairs Advisor to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) before deciding to leave the foreign service and return home to run for Congress in 2018.

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