“My father came to this country because he knew he would have the chance to make something of himself when he got here. Economic opportunity is a core principle of America’s identity. This is a principle we need to protect and expand.” 

We need to stabilize our economy and ensure it is in a position for growth after we defeat the virus. We must have a tax and regulatory environment that rewards entrepreneurs and prioritizes small businesses. This means helping to facilitate access to early capital, small business loans, and funding programs that invest in innovative businesses, especially for groups who have historically been discriminated against in banking practices. By protecting our small businesses, we can ensure that we keep the backbone of our economy, and our community, intact.

In Congress, I will 

  • Expand access to capital and loans for small businesses.
  • Push for a start-up tax credit to help small businesses scale up.
  • Advocate for greater COVID-19 business release measures, such as more PPP funding. 
  • Oppose deficit expansion from tax cuts that favor America’s Billionaires over communities like my own.
  • Protect Social Security.
  • Stand firmly with unions and fight for safer workplace conditions.
  • Invest in 21st century infrastructure which will create jobs for the future 

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